Bailey Visit

We had a great time with the Baileys as always. It is so good to get everyone together. As usual there were lots of games—but only one puzzle this year. A gingerbread house. Some hiking. Some reading. Lots of good food. And one flat tire (no picture).

But now we will slowly transition back to normal. Jenna goes back to Texas on Saturday. Lauren is going to camp this weekend for a summer staff mini-reunion. She heads back to school on the 12th. We’ll take a couple more college visits with Rebekah in January or early February to North Greenville and Lipscomb. And she’ll go to Covenant for a weekend in February for scholarship weekend. CC starts back on Tuesday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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Christmas and Puzzles and Company, Oh My

The girls made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.


We had our annual Christmas Eve tamales after our Christmas Eve service, and then we finished the pre-Christmas puzzle—one has to make room for the Christmas puzzle!

We had 6 people from church over for Christmas lunch. The kids hung around and played games most of the afternoon, and then we started the Christmas puzzle, which we finished last night.

The fact that the box was different than the puzzle didn’t make it too hard!

We all went to see Little Women this afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly. I hadn’t been to a theater in a year and a half, and it was the first movie we’d seen as a family without going with other people since we’ve lived in North Carolina. While we can’t specifically remember another time that just the five of us went to a movie, surely we have—somewhere—at some time.

The Baileys will be here in a little while. We will have a house full for several days. That means more puzzles and games and gingerbread houses and lots of good food and conversation. We are always thankful that they make the trip to see us.


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Home for the Holidays

Lauren got home on Tuesday; Jenna on Friday. It’s good to have everyone home again. And we’ve jumped into the pre-Christmas puzzle already:

But I suppose we ought to back up. The college/post-college game night after Thanksgiving was lots of fun.

Our 10 year old neighbor took some ends of the wood I was cutting and brought back a bird feeder he made. It gets a good deal of business—when we remember to put bird seed on it.

Tamales have been assembled in preparation for tomorrow night.

And Rebekah had her end of semester piano recital at the Andrews Nursing home.

Tonight is our annual viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life. And if you’re looking for a new Christmas song and haven’t heard this yet, you should give it a listen. We’re a little biased for more than one reason, but it is really good.

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Preacher’s Rock

We hiked up to a place called Preacher’s Rock on Big Cedar Mountain on the AT in North Georgia today. It’s a short hike (2 mile round trip with a 450 ft. elevation gain on the way up), but the view at the top is really nice.

The girls are having the college group over for games tonight. It’s fun seeing all these kids who were between 10 and 13 years old when we moved here as adults. They are all exceptional kids, and we couldn’t have asked for a better group for our girls to grow up with.

It’ll be an earlier morning departure for Atlanta to get Jenna to her flight. But we get her back in three weeks for a little longer visit.

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Happy Thanksgiving

It has been good to have everyone home for Thanksgiving. After going to a wedding Saturday afternoon, we drove down to Atlanta to get Jenna from the airport. Monday we did a short little hike not far from home at a place called Fire’s Creek.

Lauren got home Tuesday, and there have been lots of games (including the newly discovered Wikigame) and the annual Thanksgiving puzzle.

We had twenty-five people here for Thanksgiving lunch as several families from church joined us. It was a fun day with lots of good food

And since we’re planning on doing some hiking tomorrow at a place called Blood Mountain down in Georgia, we needed to begin the Christmas decorating just a little early.

The cat, as you can see, immediately took up her normal position under the tree.

Jenna has to fly back on Saturday, and Lauren gets to hang around until Monday.

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Art and Wood

On Friday, I took my Challenge II to Atlanta (thankfully avoiding the traffic nightmare that ensued since both President Trump and Vice-President Pence were in town) to the High Museum. We spent about an hour doing a quick walk through the main time periods of art from Byzantine to Post-impressionism. Then they split up to find a piece of art they wanted to do a presentation on in a few weeks.

Then on Saturday, some friends helped me tackle a tree in the yard that needed to come down.

Now the long process of cutting it all up and getting it split and stacked so it can keep us warm next winter.


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Two Birds with One Stone; Record Wins

We traveled over to Covenant today for two reasons: Rebekah did a college visit, and we picked up Lauren to bring her home for her fall break. While we didn’t need a campus tour, we did get to talk to a professor in the art department—Rebekah is interested in graphic design. We also saw another family from here who was also looking at the school.

The Murphy high school football coach is attempting to break the NC record for wins at 413 tonight. I have been to one game in the nine years that we’ve been here. I will not be attending the away game to see if he pulls it off. He has been coaching here for 36 years and won eight state titles, including three since we’ve lived here.

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