Senior Recital

I don’t have the ability to post video, but here are a couple of pictures of Lauren’s last piano recital. She has had a wonderful teacher for the last few years, and we are thankful for how she has grown in her playing and how she has been willing to use her gifts for others. We will miss the sounds of piano in the house when she goes off to college in four months. We’ll have to talk Rebekah into taking up piano again!

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Protocol and Seeing People as People

Every year we take the high school students on a formal event—AKA a fancy night out. Every time we have taken this bunch of kids somewhere, someone always complements them on some aspect of their behavior vis-a-vis the normal teenager they encounter. This year was no different. The manager of the restaurant came by the adult table (the kids were sitting by themselves) and said how impressed they (her and the servers) were that all the kids made eye contact whenever they had interaction with the servers. It is the little things like that that go a long way. But it’s more than just a skill we have taught our kids in order to make a good impression. The 17 kids we took to Chattanooga last night actually believe other people are people, made in the image of God and worthy of respect. Therefore they make eye contact.

This was Rebekah’s first year to go and Lauren’s third. We opted for Chattanooga this year instead of Atlanta mainly to avoid the traffic. We had a nice meal at Alleia and then went to the Chattanooga Symphony afterward. We heard Mozart and Mahler, both pieces included a vocal soloist—many of our students first experience with opera. Enjoyable evening all around.

The girls in Rebekah’s class with the soloist, who took a few minutes to talk with them, after the concert

Now the final push toward the end of the year. Four weeks left. Then Jenna comes home. Then a senior trip for Lauren to New England. Then graduation toward the end of May.

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Kevin Makes a Dozen

The Adams cousins added a 12th member this weekend, and it was the first time all the cousins have been together in several years.

Lauren, Rebekah, and I left NC on Thursday, picked Jenna up in Jackson and made it right inside Texas the first day—7 states, 13 hours. Then three more hours to Waco on Friday to Dana’s mom’s. Yesterday we drove down to Kerrville for the wedding (another three and a half hours) and then back to Waco today. Now we get to sit and not go anywhere for a few days. Reading is on the agenda: this, this, this, and this. And seeing some friends.

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Dana’s dad passed away last week. We all gathered in Waco this past weekend for a wonderful celebration of his life. I am thankful for such a wonderful father-in-law.

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Bad Apples

I have been using Apple computers for—well, almost since I’ve been using computers. Well over 20 years. We had our first ever hard drive fail on the girls school laptop—a computer we bought used a few years back. I don’t know what the hard drive failure rate is among computers—Apple or otherwise—but I imagine one in 20+ years is below average. With the price coming down on SSD drives, though, I imagine hard drive fails will become increasingly rare.

In other news, we are looking forward to a week-long break from school next week as our Classical Conversations group is not meeting. Everyone is looking forward to a little extra time to catch-up, work on other things, rest, etc. Usually we go skiing during the break week, but it has been so warm here and is supposed to be in the 60s during the homeschool day at the slopes, that we will probably pass this year. Skiing in slush is not our favorite thing to do.

We are also less than a month away from our first trip of the year to Texas for a niece’s wedding.

And just a heads up: we’re at the center of the total solar eclipse that is happening in August. If anyone wants to come hang out with us…

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Painting Day

We have begun some renovation at our church, which will include paint, new carpet, and eventually a kitchen. Today was painting day (and a few other odds and ends)—seven hours times about 16 people. Fun day and lots accomplished.


img_3548 img_3567 img_3569


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We traveled back to Mississippi this past week—just ten days after taking Jenna back to school—for Lauren to interview for a scholarship at Mississippi College. They fed us a nice meal on Thursday night, and then Lauren interviewed Friday morning. Another of the numerous yearly treks to Mississippi completed. While there, we got to see Jenna and Emily and Elizabeth, and Lauren got to see some friends from camp as well. Dana had been in Texas visiting her folks and flew into Jackson to meet us.

img_0895 img_0898

She should find out in a couple of weeks if she is one of the four (out of 200) who will get a full scholarship or one of the 40 who will get an additional $3000/year to what they’ve already offered. Then in late February, she interviews at Covenant College for a $5000/year scholarship. Then it will be time to make a decision.

School is humming along; the girls are working hard on papers, speeches, debates, and projects. We are looking forward to Kelsie’s wedding in March in Kerrville. It will be the first Spring Break we’ve spent in Texas in 7 years.

After a warm middle January, the cold—and snow chances—have returned.

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