Home Away from Home

A fourteen hour round trip and Jenna is back at her home-away-from-home for the summer.



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Two More Visits, The Latest Thing, & Back Together

We visited two more colleges, Samford (where we meet Mr. Beeson) and Mississippi College (where we saw the floating globe, called the kugel). Oh, and we also learned about the actual schools.


Samford is in Birmingham. Mississippi College is in Clinton, a suburb of Jackson, where Jenna is. It is also where their cousins, Emily and Elizabeth go to school. After four college visits (five if you count that Lauren went on Jenna’s Belhaven visit), we’re not sure where she’ll end up, or if we’ll visit any more. Lots to think about.

It seems the latest thing—at least in various places in Mississippi—is the gourmet popsicle. Jenna took us to Deep South Pops in Jackson today. I was tempted by the pineapple jalapeño, but settled for the strawberry lemonade instead.


And while we were there, it seemed a good time to get a picture of the sisters back together again.


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Newest Family Member

We added a new member to the family today.


We’ve had the 2000 Windstar since the beginning of 2009, and with no A/C, no front heat, and 200,000 miles, it was time to say goodbye, especially since we’ve got our summer pilgrimage to Texas and some back and forths to camp in Mississippi coming up, not to mention getting Jenna home from college in a few days.

And in other news, the irises are blooming:


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Mock Trial

Rebekah had her Mock Trial today. The judge, like with Lauren’s class two years ago, was very impressed. They thought on their feet well and did a good job asking questions (as lawyers) and answering questions (as witnesses).

They did two rounds, with each team being the prosecution and defense, and both times the prosecution won. But the final point count was our CC group 187 and Asheville’s group 178.

Unlike in a real court case, the judge let me take pictures.:-)

This is both groups, ours on the left, Asheville’s on the right, with Rebekah right in the middle.


In the first round Rebekah was the officer who responded to a dog attack—the owner was on trial for murder.


In round two, Rebekah was the neighbor who witnessed the attack.


I’m including a picture of the Asheville defense team to show part of the crowd. There were lots of people in attendance, which made the kids’ work even more impressive.


So another year has come to an end (except for math!). Rebekah will soon be classified as a freshman and Lauren a senior—which is why we’re off on two more college visits early next week when we go get Jenna. She finished her last class of her freshman year yesterday and has only finals left.


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Another Year

We finished up another year of Classical Conversations today. It has been such a joy to hang out with these kids every Tuesday.


One of the things I had them do today was rank the books we read this year from favorite to least favorite. Here are the results with the average scores:

Screwtape Letters                              3.0
Jane Eyre                                            3.7
The Hobbit                                         4.0
Animal Farm                                     5.6
Out of the Silent Planet                   6.4
A Morbid Taste for Bones               6.6
Favorite Father Brown Stories      8.2
Pride and Prejudice                         9.1
A Tale of Two Cities                          9.3
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  10.3
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 11.4
The Pilgrim’s Progress                      11.8
Robinson Crusoe                                12.2
Gulliver’s Travels                              12.8
Beowulf                                               13.1
A Passage to India                            13.4
“The Knight’s Tale”                              13.5
Something Beautiful for God         13.8

I will not miss Latin so much this summer, but because I miss reading and discussing good literature with these kids, we are continuing on this summer with some more reading and getting together every couple of weeks. We are starting with Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton.

We still have a little math to do around here, and Rebekah has Mock Trial on Thursday, but other than that, another school year is in the books at Herrington Homeschool.

And it’s less than a week until we get to see Jenna again.

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Texas Visitor Part II

We took a little hike up a mountain Saturday morning.


And then tried a different trout stream Saturday afternoon…


…where we saw a snake and my friend from here caught the smallest trout I’ve ever seen:

IMG_2366 IMG_2407

There were other, larger ones as well.

But all good things must come to an end, so he flew back to Texas last night. So now back to work today. The girls have their last Classical Conversations class tomorrow, and next week at this time we’ll be on our way to get Jenna from Belhaven and do some college visits with Lauren.

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Texas Visitor

While we will be heading to Texas in May, a friend from Texas is visiting this week. Today, we went out to do some fly fishing—after a torrential rain storm, which made the water a little too muddy. It was my first time to fly fish: I didn’t catch anything, but I did hook one and got it to the surface before it got off my hook. My friend Paul caught one:


My friend who took us caught two more. Good day and beautiful scenery whether the fish were biting or not.



I think tomorrow entails a little hiking on the AT and maybe some more fishing as well.

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