Bulldogs and Zebras

NC football: not bad. The local 1-A team was playing a 3-A team from down the road. The local team, Murphy Bulldogs, have won five state championships and have just shy of 50 kids on the team; yep, 1-A with almost 50 kids. They completely dominated the 3-A team. Unfortunately, they also had more penalties than I have ever seen in a football game; oh, and two turnovers. This was their doom as they lost 14-12. I don’t know if any were really bad calls. The refs missed a couple of no brainers, but I don’t think any were game changers. When you have well over 100 yards in penalties, it’s hard to win a close ball game.

But what was so funny were the refs. They were completely incompetent when it came to handling where to spot the ball. On more than one occasion, the spotter would have to tell the ref who was putting down the ball to move over—a yard or two—or three. Then their were the penalties. Maybe in NC, they don’t really get bent out of shape about how long an actual yard is. Some five yard penalties were six, some four. I don’t think they were favoring one team over the other here either.

But the biggest laugh of the night came on a series of two plays. First on a third down, the ball was spotted right on 50 yard line. The first down marker was clearly past the fifty (if only by a foot or so), but they measured anyway. Ok, benefit of the doubt. When the home team made four yards on the next play, the refs called time out measured again. First down by four yards!

But back to the game. The home team was much smaller than the visiting team, but were well disciplined in their assignments (well, except for those upteen million illegal procedure penalties, most coming on 3rd and two or three), hit harder, were faster and more aggressive. My guess is someone is going to do some running this week in practice and hopefully be cured of all the penalties.

All in all a fun evening, wonderful weather, nice people, and plenty of laughs.

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