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September Weather

Thought I’d post a little weather update—not to make you jealous or anything. These temps are what I recorded on our porch. High for the month: 90°, Average high: 82°, Low for the month: 48°, Average Low: 59°. Rainfall total … Continue reading

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Joyce Kilmer Forest

We left this morning about 8:00 to visit some friends from church who live up in the next county. They have a ministry that includes counseling and education. We had a great time and a great lunch with them. Then … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

We had a couple from church over Friday night for dinner. They have three girls, one Lauren’s age, and twins Rebekah’s age. They have a boy who is Jenna’s age, but he was playing paint ball at a friend’s. Everyone … Continue reading

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Jenna’s 2nd Soccer Game

My team had our second soccer game. We lost 5-2. The first half, we were all sleepy, but we played a much better second half.  We weren’t able to score again, though, and the other team had several fast breaks. … Continue reading

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Old Habits Die Hard

I was never fond of Verizon for the three years we used them for phone and internet in Dallas from start (no phone when we arrived in Dallas and still charged on my first bill for the several days before … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

Busy weekend with the field trip on Friday and soccer and a swimming party on Saturday. Rebekah’s team won 7-3, and as Jenna posted, her team lost 1-0. After the game, we came home, changed clothes, and went to a … Continue reading

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Jenna’s Soccer Game

I had my first soccer game this morning in Hayesville. There are only two teams in my age group, so we will be playing the same team every week. Lauren didn’t have a game today, so she and some other … Continue reading

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