On Thursday, I had soccer practice at Konahete Park from 6:00 to 7:30. There are about 14 people on my team. My coach, Coach Michael, made us do a lot of running and drills, and he told us to start running for 15 minutes a day to stay in shape, and to keep from being sore (we started by walking!). I was sweaty and sore after that.

On Saturday, I had another soccer practice from 9:30 to 11:30. We did more drills, including hitting the ball with your head (which hurt if you didn’t do it right), passing the ball, and dribbling the ball. Then we had a scrimmage—half of the team against the other half. It was a lot of fun. And not only was I sweaty, but a little sunburned too! And of course, sore again.

I have practice on Tuesday and Thursday, and my first game is on Saturday. Hopefully be the time my game comes, I won’t be sore anymore.


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One Response to Soccer

  1. Jack Herrington says:

    Hope the being sore is working itself out. Good luck on your game.
    Papa Jack

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