Website Publishing

I have officially entered the world of web site publishing. I was given the task of updating our churches website. Being completely ignorant of what to do, I muddled around for a week or so reading confusing terms and directions. I finally realized that Steve Jobs supplied me with a program called iWeb. I created the pages I wanted, called our hosting site for the necessary information, and hit upload.

What I didn’t realize is that Steve Jobs won’t allow me to publish to the root index (no, I don’t understand either). So now the church has two websites: the old one and the one I created with a new name. This is not what I want.

Thankfully, there are some nice people on the apple discussion forums who gave a workaround for this. I downloaded a new program, and using this uploaded each page on its own. And—still not working.

Hmmm. Then I realized that the old pages were still on the site. So, I did the scary thing of completely deleting the old website. I wasn’t sure if this was the problem, but after hitting delete, there was no turning back.

This solved the problem, and now the church’s website has been updated. It needs some tweeking to get it looking like I want. It is fairly plain, but hopefully soon, it will look a little better. If you are interested:

The next task is to work on podcasts of sermons. We don’t have enough space on our site to upload audio, but I have been told there is a way to podcast over itunes for free. Maybe that will be next week’s task.


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