Joyce Kilmer Forest

We left this morning about 8:00 to visit some friends from church who live up in the next county. They have a ministry that includes counseling and education. We had a great time and a great lunch with them. Then we headed down the road to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest—one of the few virgin hard wood forests in the Appalachians.

Joyce Kilmer Plaque

Bridge at Beginning of Hiking Trail

It is home to Hemlocks, which have all died for some reason,Dead Hemlock

and giant yellow poplars.

Can't Quite Reach Around

Jenna and the Poplar

Twin Giants

We had a fun two mile hike through the forest.After the forest, we rode along the Cherohala Skyway back to our house (a long two hour loop over a ridge of mountains above 5000 feet. There were beautiful viewsand some excitement.We stopped at an overlook to take pictures and ended up staying an hour as we met George and Teresa from Lake Buchanan, TX. George had been stung by a bee while they were riding, and George is allergic to bees, and they didn’t have his epi-pen. Shortly after we pulled up, George began feeling bad, Teresa called 911, and then George passed out. His breathing became very shallow; I couldn’t feel a pulse. We prayed, and by the time the ambulance arrived, George was conscious again. They took over, and we were on our way again.

We finally got home about 5:30 after a full day.


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