Boiled Peanuts and Fall Color

Two things that I see and hear a lot about up here are boiled peanuts (they are sold in the stores and on the side of the road all over) and the fall colors. We experienced both this weekend. Dana thought we ought to partake of a “southern tradition,” so she bought some boiled peanuts. No one was overly impressed. Why would you eat a soggy peanut when a nice fresh one would do? Needless to say, that was probably our last boiled peanut purchase.

The fall colors, however, have started appearing in force this last week. The colors are more pronounced in the eastern half of the county so far. We enjoyed the drive to and from church this morning with all of the reds, oranges, and yellows. The picture is looking north from the parking lot of church.

And this is a picture near the soccer fields in Hayesville where the girls played on Saturday.

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