Knoxville and Conasauga Falls

I went to Knoxville yesterday for an EFCA regional meeting. It was a beautiful drive up highway 68: winding road, lots of colorful trees, and some nice views. On the way back I saw a sign that said Conasauga Falls—3. So I turned, thinking it would be a short detour. The three miles was a mostly unpaved road up a mountain barely wide enough for two vehicles. Then once at the top there was a mile hike to the falls.

Needless to say, I was a little unimpressed. But after searching, I found some pictures and even some youtube clips of people kayaking down the falls with lots more water. I guess I will have to go back in the spring.

Lauren had her next to the last soccer game last night. They played a team they had played before (the really good team). They lost again 5-2. Overall, her team plays better than they did at the first of the year, but they still have some gaps in ability. They are having fun.

We are trying to figure out a time to go up to the Smokey Mountains. We were thinking of going after church on Sunday, but there is a good chance of rain on Monday, so maybe that is not the time to go.

More soccer games in the morning. It is going to be cold again in the morning.

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