Soccer Saturday

Another cold, but not foggy, start to the soccer games this morning. It was 36° on the porch, but we saw frost in several places, including the field when we arrived. Rebekah’s team continues to play well, beating a team 8–5 that they tied a few weeks ago. Lauren wanted to post about her game, so we’ll skip to Jenna’s game. They had a couple of key players not there today, and they lost 3–0. It seemed they couldn’t get going all morning. While Lauren’s team is now finished for the year, Jenna’s team plays their final match on Tuesday.

We are still waiting to hear if we are going to reschedule Rebekah’s last game for some time this week as several of us, including the coach, will be in Atlanta next weekend.

Nice Backdrop for a Soccer Game




















And, finally, here is another shot from up on Country Mountain Ridge in our neighborhood. I have posted other pics from this same spot.

Country Mountain Ridge

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