Counting down…

…until Christmas? No.

…until Thanksgiving? No.

…until a rocket launch? There’s a rocket launch?

…until company? Yes!

Actually the girls have been counting down for at least two weeks. Next Tuesday, our friends, the Armitages from Dallas, are coming to visit. The dad and I are going to Atlanta to a conference, while the girls (they have three the same ages as our girls) have fun here. They are all going on a field trip to a planetarium with the homeschool group one day. These will be our second visitors. Any other takers?

While most of the leaves are now on the ground, the weather continues to be beautiful. It is in the low 30s most mornings with highs in the 70s with sunny, blue skies.

I found out about a hiking trail not far from here that goes up a mountain to a nice view of the town. I’m hoping to give it a try fairly soon. I have also finally gotten an NC driver’s license and a fishing license to go with it as a couple of guys from church have said they would take me out soon. When Dana gets hers, we’ll be heading to town to get some NC license plates for the cars.

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