Apples, Changed Plans, and Leaf Change Round Two

We enjoyed a fun evening with a co-op family. They invited several other families out for dinner, and everyone brought some kind of apple dessert. We played games and had an outdoor fire. It sprinkled before we left, so we wondered if it would be washed out, but the clouds blew away, and it was a nice evening, if a little cold. The kids had a great time and the adults did as well.

Our company this week is going to be smaller than we planned. Their youngest daughter had/has rheumatic fever and has been in and out of the hospital this year. She came down with a fever yesterday, and they feel best that she ought to stay in Texas near their doctors. So the mom and her are staying. The dad is still going to the conference in Atlanta and will be bringing the two older kids. Rebekah is deeply disappointed. We will have to see if she can’t spend some time with some friends here.

We thought the changing of the leaves was all but done. There are many, many bare trees around here. But in the last couple of days a new set of trees have turned all shades of red and orange and purple. Mixed in with the evergreens, it is really quite pretty. I hope to get out and take some pictures soon.

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