November Weather

November weather update:

The high temperature for the month was 78° on the 1st, 11th, and 12th. The low for the month was 21° on the 27th. It also got down to 24° on the 7th and 22° on the 28th.

Average Low: 38° Average High: 61°

It rained on 10 different days for a total of 5.8 inches. It rained an inch on both the 15th and the 29th, but today was the biggest rain day of the month with 1.9 inches.

We have officially started the Christmas season at church. Last Sunday was the 1st Sunday in advent. There are several things on our calendar already for the month: Youth Christmas party this weekend, Ladies Christmas tea and the youth going to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader next weekend. We are also hoping to schedule some caroling. And we will also have a Christmas Eve service.

I’m not sure what to expect as far as number of people in church around Christmas. Not sure what people do around here: go visit or have visitors. I’m sure there will be some of both.

We also learned that there is a ski slope about an hour from here. Nothing fancy, just a couple of runs, but on Tuesdays they have $25 homeschool days that covers rentals and lift tickets. Might have to give that a shot.

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2 Responses to November Weather

  1. beth says:

    Hey y’all! Just wanted you to know that mom has been sending me these for the last few weeks, once I figured out that I wasn’t getting them! They are great, and since I had a minute, I wanted to let you know! My favorite is the new photo of the girls! Love you all!

  2. mdjlrnc says:


    If you subscribe (there’s a button on the right), they will come to your e-mail address every time we update it. Hope you are doing well. Tell the family hello.

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