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December Weather

I think compared to Texas, it has been a cold start to the winter. The average high for the month was 39° and the average low was 22°. The high for the entire month was today at 61°. There were … Continue reading

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Two Hours from Anywhere

They say that Murphy is two hours from anywhere. By that they mean we are two hours from several major cities: Atlanta, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Asheville. I have now been to all four after making a hospital visit to Asheville today. … Continue reading

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Seasons Change

While looking through pictures tonight, I came across these three. We have experienced three of the four seasons since we have been here in a little over four months. When spring comes around, we’ll have the complete set.

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Today we went over to the people’s house where we stayed when we came in July. Here is a picture from the back of their house this summer. We went sledding down that hill today. Well, actually off to the … Continue reading

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12/26 Pictures

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Still snowing

It appeared to have stopped snowing last night when we went to bed, but it was snowing again this morning when we got up. There is another inch. No church this morning: we and many others in the county have … Continue reading

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Snow Pictures

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No Longer Dreaming.

It just started about an hour ago. They are now saying 2-4 inches today. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Christmas Forecast

While the forecast has changed off and on over the last few days, today is the first day that they have removed the rain from the forecast. It’s all snow now. Merry Christmas everyone. Today Partly Sunny Hi 49 °F Tonight … Continue reading

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Celebrations and Sleepovers

The girls (well, except Jenna) have company tonight. The family whose house we stayed at when we visited NC in July have three girls: twins Rebekah’s age, and another Lauren’s age. Dana and I have a movie that we’ll watch … Continue reading

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