When I left this morning for church it was 33° and raining. When we got home (after lunch and a piano recital for two of the girls in our church) it was 20° and snow is half an inch thick on the porch and growing.

Our Driveway

Side Yard

With the way it is coming down, it won’t be long until we’re outside making a snowman!

We got some lights up outside as well as the tree up inside yesterday. So I guess it is a good time for some snow. The two older girls went to a movie (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) today after church with the youth group. They are in four-wheel drive vehicles, so I assume they won’t have any trouble getting home if this continues.

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One Response to Snow

  1. mdjlrnc says:

    The girls are on their way home; movie plans changed as they decided the roads were only going to get worse as the afternoon progressed. Now maybe we can all make a snowman.

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