Two Hours from Anywhere

They say that Murphy is two hours from anywhere. By that they mean we are two hours from several major cities: Atlanta, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Asheville. I have now been to all four after making a hospital visit to Asheville today.

To get to Asheville (going east), you have to drive through a river gorge, just like to get to Chattanooga (going west). There are mountains the whole way and the snow was still on the ground. It was a very nice drive, just like to Knoxville.

Tomorrow is the homeschool Christmas eve party in the afternoon. We are still thinking about going to the Possum Drop that night (you know how they drop the ball at Time’s Square?), and New Year’s Day we are going to some friends for dinner. Busy, but fun weekend.

We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s.

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