The snow has finally melted (for the most part) after being on the ground since last Sunday night. Though there are still several places where it’s still hanging around. And there is a 70% chance of rain/snow tomorrow.

We had our first small group tonight. There were four and a half other couples there. We had a good time, and all the kids entertained themselves well. We need to start thinking about a new place to have church. Every seat was full on Sunday. I think that is a good problem to have.

Rebekah will start Upward soccer (an indoor season) this week. Lauren’s team didn’t make, and Jenna is too old for Upward.

One of the guys in our church is a girls high school basketball coach. I went to one of his games Friday night. They won handily.

I guess we are back in the swing of things with homeschool and co-op. Not too many things on the immediate radar, but in the end of February, Dana and I are going to Charlotte for a church conference and spending a couple of nights. So we will get to see a little more of this state.

Oh, and I now have North Carolina plates on the car.

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