Today was the warmest day we’ve had since before Thanksgiving (66°). It was nice to be outside for awhile this afternoon. Rebekah had soccer practice after lunch; her first game will be next Saturday.

Lauren is sick, running a fever with a cough and sore throat. This will be the first Sunday someone has missed since we’ve been here. Remembering when Dana and I would take turns staying home if one of the girls was sick and thinking that Dana was teaching the pre-school class this month, Lauren asked if I was staying home with her since Mom had to teach. Then she remembered that I actually had to be there in the morning.

Even the cat is enjoying the warmer weather. She usually only stays out for a few minutes when it is cold, but we actually had to call her tonight to come in when it got dark. I doubt it will last, but today has been nice and tomorrow is supposed to be the same before it turns cooler and rains next week.

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