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February Weather

February proved to be a much warmer month than the last two. The average low was only 32° with a low temperature of 19° coming on the 9th and the 12th. The average high was 54° with a high of … Continue reading

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We visited some friends tonight about 2 miles down the road. They are going to let us use part of their garden plot, about the size of what we had in Clarksville behind Gran’s house. We are very excited, and … Continue reading

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We are all home after a slight detour. The girls all did what we thought they would do over the last three days: soccer practice Thursday night, magician show in Franklin Friday night, and Rebekah’s soccer game this morning (which … Continue reading

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Reading the paper can be quite informative. Just found out that we had an earthquake Friday morning early. It was centered not too far from our house, between here and the Tennessee line. Apparently woke several people up—I was not … Continue reading

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Travel Weekend

Dana and I and another couple from church are heading to Charlotte tomorrow for a conference. It will be fun to see more of the state and nice to get away for a couple of days. The girls are staying … Continue reading

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How do you know when Spring is approaching in NC? The appearance of Robins in the yard? A stretch of several days when it doesn’t get below freezing? Daffodils beginning to push their way up through the dirt? Nope. It’s … Continue reading

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Soccer Saturday

Rebekah had another soccer game this morning. They lost 3-0. They played another team who had a couple of players who could really handle the ball well. Maybe next week. The weather has been beautiful. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. … Continue reading

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