Soccer Saturday

Rebekah had another soccer game this morning. They lost 3-0. They played another team who had a couple of players who could really handle the ball well. Maybe next week.

The weather has been beautiful. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. The girls were able to spend some time outside in the woods this afternoon. They are damming up part of the creek to make a little pool of water.

Hopefully, we can start getting back to normal this week. After all the sickness and then the girls being out of town, we have gotten out of our routine. It will be nice to have a normal week again—if such a thing really exists.

It was nice to be able to read to the girls again tonight. Rebekah and I are almost half way through Stuart Little, and the big girls and I are about a fourth of the way through the fifth Harry Potter book.

We hope everyone has a great week.

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