We have had a busy Saturday. In fact, the girls walked in the door a few minutes ago after leaving this morning at 8:30. They went to some classes this morning: knitting (for all three girls), cooking (for Lauren), and art (for Jenna and Rebekah). The community does these every year for kids and the classes are held at the junior college. The girls are all excited about being able to knit with needles.

From there, we went to Rebekah’s last soccer game in Blairsville, GA. They won 3-1. Fun season, but I think we are glad it is over. They girls all went home with friends from there.

We met them at the youth event at church tonight. They were doing some planning for summer activities as well as practicing a song they are going to sing in church in a few weeks (Lauren is going to be playing the piano).

The big event they are planning is a mission trip they are taking to Florida this summer in August. They are going down to the Keys to help another church do a vacation Bible school as well as do some service projects in the area. And then they will have some fun as well.

When we got home, Lauren and Rebekah got to see their surprise: a guy in church made them a piano bench that we picked up today. No more using a dining room chair!

It has been a long day, and I’m not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. Hopefully we can all stay awake in church tomorrow. Especially me!

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