Update: Wii, braces, taxes, etc.

Other then the storm that rolled through a couple of nights ago, it has been fairly quiet around here with some beautiful, cool, sunny days.

The big news is that the Wii Fit+ arrived today that Dana has been saving her money for. I took Jenna to Bible study tonight, so she and I are not as “fit” as the others, but from what I hear, it has been lots of fun.

Jenna also went to the orthodontist today, and he told her about 3 more months. She is hoping to have the braces off before camp in July.

I have filed my taxes (very late this year), but I got to read instructions on both state and federal income tax forms this year, and I got to learn all kinds of new things with my new job. I think this will probably be the last year that I don’t owe any money.

It looks like my friend James is coming for another visit next weekend. We are going to attempt to tackle a fairly lengthy (for a day hike) section of the AT down in Georgia—about 11 miles. Maybe I need to spend a decent amount of time on the Wii fit over the next few days.

We have not been sitting on the front row in church for the last couple of weeks just to be different. But Sunday was almost full and some visitors came in late (maybe they didn’t know we started at 10:30. The only place left to sit was the front row. When we got home, Jenna said that we should probably move back to the front, so someone else doesn’t have to do that. I have a wise daughter.

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