Busy Weekend

Dana is about to be off to do some shopping for a cooking night she and several friends are having tomorrow. If all goes well, she will come home with several dishes to freeze.

The youth are having a movie night tomorrow night and dinner out. Afterward, they will be preparing eggs for the little kids easter egg hunt they are putting on after church on Sunday. That means Rebekah and I will have the evening to ourselves on Saturday.

Sunday after church we will all head out to a church member’s house to have the easter egg hunt/games/ice cream sundaes.

If the storms will hurry up and move through this afternoon, Dana and I are going out to eat tonight. If they take their time, we may wait until Sunday night.

Finally, the ministerial alliance in Cherokee County runs a homeless shelter. Dana and I will be heading over there Saturday morning for a workday. It’s a very well run organization and much needed in the area—with unemployment running a good bit higher in Western North Carolina than the rest of the country: it’s still above 10% here and the county north of us is still running about 15%.

We are enjoying the blooming of the dogwoods all over the place. There are several in our neighborhood as well as along the road into town. Spring has sprung around here and the hills are turning from brown to green.

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