Where are the neighbors? and Other Miscellaneous Info

Our neighbors are disappearing.

Aliens? Moving north for the summer? No, just lots of trees leafing out and obscuring our view. We commented on the way home from a Good Friday service today that it was starting to look like what it looked like when we moved here last summer. Lots of different colors of green on the hills as different trees are leafing out in different stages.

We are expecting company this weekend. James is coming back up from Atlanta. We are planning on going hiking on Monday, hoping to hike a fairly substantial section of the AT in northern Georgia that goes to Blood Mountain (11.6 miles). Hope I am up for that.

Two of the last three Sundays have been completely full at church. Not sure what to expect on Sunday. We are looking for a bigger place to meet. There were 41 kids under the age of 16 last week.

The girls will have their last co-op of the year this next week. We will be in Texas for the actual last two weeks. They have really enjoyed that this year. We are probably going to be doing something very similar next year. There is a group called Classical Conversations that we are thinking about doing. It still meets once a week, still on Tuesdays.

We are looking forward to heading to Texas in a little over a week. We still need to find someone to feed the cat; other than that we are ready!

Now that spring is here, I have finished my “Four Seasons” pictures. I’m going to have to work a little bit on getting the exact same angle. But here they are from summer to spring:





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