Weekend Recap

Church was full Sunday; we had to bring in extra chairs and find places in our little auditorium to put them. A couple that visited about a month ago came back, as well as some out of town family.

We had a wonderful visit with my friend James this weekend. Sunday after church James and I worked on the car: oil and filter change, replaced two worn out belts, and fixed the clutch which was starting to act up. Who knows how much money that saved.

Today James and I hiked a portion of the AT in northern Georgia. I was wrong about 11.6 miles a couple of posts ago. It was only 10.6. The weather was nice for hiking, but not for the pretty views. It was foggy for most of the trip, but that made for a much cooler hike. We got back to the car, right when the rain started. The forest was really beautiful. Lots of different kinds of flowers were in bloom. No pictures—yet. I didn’t take my big camera because there was a chance of rain. James took several with a smaller camera he had. He is going to burn a CD and mail it to me. I’ll post some when I get them.

A week from today we will be back in Texas. We are looking forward to the trip (we’ll not the actual driving), but we can’t wait to see everyone.

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1 Response to Weekend Recap

  1. beth says:

    We can’t wait to see you either! Love you!

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