Weekend Review and Look Ahead

We had a fun, but busy weekend. The church’s youth group (which always ends up meaning all the families and all the kids whether they are old enough or not) had dinner and a game night at a member’s house Saturday night. We (and several others) stayed way too late, but thankfully no one fell asleep in church on Sunday, including me. Sunday after church, the homeschool association had an end of year program and graduation ceremony for the one senior in the homeschool group. It was Rebekah’s and Lauren’s first time in front of a microphone. They (and several other kids in their geography class) were reciting facts about different states.

The girls have gone to field day with the homeschool group today. I am about to head to the garden to finish getting it ready to plant the rest of the spring crop (tomatoes, peppers, okra, etc.) and to check on the stuff we planted before we left for Texas. I’ll have some pictures of our garden up later.

Tomorrow is the last day of co-op for the girls. Jenna has her physical science final exam. Then we have a few more things to finish up here. Hopefully, by early June we can pack it up for the summer. We have a little math, English, and history left. The end is in sight.

Jenna goes back to the orthodontist on Wednesday for what we hope is her next to last visit. She is really hoping to get her braces off in June before going to camp in July.

Wednesday afternoon, I am going to Winston-Salem for some training for the classes I will teach next year with the homeschool group. I am going to get to see some good friends that we knew in Temple who now live out there. It’s a short trip. I’ll be back Thursday evening.

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