Got back last night from Winston-Salem and the training on Classical Conversations that we are doing next year for homeschool and that I will be tutoring. Got to stay with some old friends from our days in Temple who now live out in Greensboro. It was good to see them again and catch up.

The first half of the drive home was beautiful and the last half was rainy/stormy.

This also must be wildflower season in NC. Some stretches are very pretty. Dana thinks the red ones are poppies. I will try to get a better picture of a nicer stretch that is between here and our garden. Hard to get a good picture while driving.

I was amazed at Winston-Salem/Greensboro’s infrastructure. Lots of big/nice roads until you get right downtown in Winston. I arrived on Wednesday at 5:00, at what I thought would be rush hour, and then had to be at the training at 8:00, again what I would assume would be rush hour. The Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point metro area is about 1.5 million people. I’m wondering if they all ride bikes. The large (4-6 lanes on each side in many places) new looking freeways were practically empty both Wednesday night and Thursday morning. I did finally encounter some heavy traffic on a two-lane highway right downtown, but I never slowed down below 40 even then. The picture below was typical.

This picture of the fog/mist on the mountains after I cleared the storms doesn’t do it justice.

And finally, some gas information. Both times I filled up the little green car, I averaged 40 mpg. The town of Andrews, where the church is, is having a price war on gas. Last night it was $3.55. I filled up in Greensboro yesterday morning and then again in Andrews last night: 275 miles for less than $25!

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