We attended Andrews High School graduation last night. It was supposed to be at the football field, but thunderstorms moved it into the gym. Despite the cramped quarters (and last minute set-up), it was a nice and short graduation. A girl from our church was graduating (Salutatorian). There were about 50 in the class; three students gave short addresses. There was not a commencement speaker. All in all, less than an hour and well done. It was the first graduation I have been to that the students wore different color gowns. The boys were in black, the girls in red, and the juniors who served as ushers/escorts wore white.

School is winding down. Jenna is taking her Algebra I final exam as I type. The other girls are also finishing up with math. Everything else is completed except for end of the year standardized testing, which the state requires. We will get to that, maybe starting this afternoon, but probably next week. We are all looking forward to the summer break.

Dana and I are going to Atlanta next week for some training for the classes I will be teaching next year with Classical Conversations. We will be there from Sunday night to Wednesday night. The girls will be staying with some friends.

It’s 11:30 and there is still a cool breeze coming through the windows and beautiful blue skies. It is supposed to warm up into the 90s today, but the cool starts each morning are quite nice and an enjoyable change to the upper 70s/80s that Dallas mornings often were.

Having a couple from church over for dinner tonight. Glad it is the weekend.


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