We will finally have everyone back together today. We pick up the girls from camp at 11:00. Dana and I had a good time in Atlanta; though, I think they could have squeezed the three day conference into about a day and a half. But there was some helpful information, and Jenna and I have lots of work to do next year. It is a pretty intense curriculum, but I am sure Jenna is up to it—me, well, we’ll see about that.

Last night we went to Lauren and Rebekah’s camp for skit night/talent show. Despite staying up late and getting up early every morning and swimming every day, they didn’t seem too worse for wear.

This morning, Dana and I went to check on the garden that we haven’t seen in almost a week. It was plenty wet as we got and inch and a half of rain a couple of days ago, but other than a visitor at some point who mangled a potato plant and a green bean plant, all looked well. We know who the culprit was, as he left tracks.

Things continue to grow. We now have tomatoes on three different plants, but the bigger varieties still don’t seem to be growing much. The sugar snap peas are blooming as are some of the potatoes.

Jenna is having a sleepover with some friends on Monday night for her birthday (now that school is out), and Dana’s sister is coming a week from Sunday for a short visit. It is hard to believe that June is almost gone. But we are enjoying our first full summer here. Tonight, we have our first game of co-ed church league softball—that is if the weather cooperates. There is a 50% chance of rain this afternoon. And compared to the heat in a lot of places, it is nice here: 59° this morning, 79° yesterday afternoon. While it has been in the 90s in town, we have yet to hit 90° out here. That is fine with me.

We hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    Send some of that cool weather here!!

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