Back to Normal

The Baileys have left. Now what? Good thing we have the car to deal with to keep things exciting. Actually, there is some semi-good news on that front. We took the car to the shop this morning (the light had since gone out). He hooked it up, said it had overheated, was lucky it didn’t dump all the fluid, and to take it out of overdrive on the slow windy roads, could be some damage done, watch it, and if it comes back on, bring it in. Well, that’s not overly reassuring, but even if it does need fixing eventually, it is not a whole transmission repair.

Lauren is playing the piano, I’m about to get back to work, Jenna and Rebekah are playing a game, Dana is on the computer. Looks like a quiet afternoon ahead.

We have been invited to some friends tomorrow night for dinner and swimming. So the quiet won’t last long.

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