Happy Fourth

A large chunk of my family is gathering in Clarksville for the big fourth of July celebration: games (the train game, horseshoes), food: (ribs, green rice, homemade ice cream, etc.), lots of kids, and lots of fun. These are some highlights from last year:

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We will miss not being there this year. We don’t have large plans, but there is a good chance that some or all of us will end up in the park in town on Monday for part of an all day celebration they have here. Jenna has been invited to join some friends. Lauren is planning on having some friends over for a sleepover. One of the local ministries our church supports, the Women’s Enrichment and Family Center, will be passing out information, and I will probably spend some time at their booth. Supposedly there is a big fireworks show as well.

Lauren and I went to the garden this evening and came back with this:

The two red potatoes was an experiment to see how far along the plants were. One looked semi-wilted, so we dug around. There were actually close to a dozen potatoes, though most were pretty small. Several people have told me to save the little ones and re-plant for a late fall crop. There are twice that many green beans still on the vine growing, and they are still blooming like crazy. I am sure by now we would have tomatoes in Texas, but with not putting them in the ground until the first of May, we are still a little ways off. I can’t wait, though.

We had dinner last night with some friends from the homeschool group. We had a good time, the girls got to swim, and we had some good food, including just picked green beans from their garden.

Finally, all the Texas folks who read this probably don’t want to know about our weather, but June was nice.

Average high: 84° with a high temp of 89° on the first. Average low: 61° with a low temp of 58° on the 25th. We got about 4.25″ of rain. It rained 14 different days, most just pop up showers in the afternoon. We did get 1.5″ on the 15th. Today was the warmest day in the last week or so with a high of 87°. Told you you didn’t want to hear about our weather. But we are enjoying it.

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One Response to Happy Fourth

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    We’ll miss all of you! It is blazing hot here!!

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