The 1st First Anniversary and Other Miscellaneous Info

While we are not actually celebrating our one year anniversary of moving to NC, we are celebrating our first anniversary of coming to the state. It was a year ago today that we arrived for our week long visit for us to meet the church and for them to meet us. So this is our 1st first anniversary. We will celebrate our 2nd first anniversary (the date of our move) next month.

This is our last week of semi-normalcy until the traveling begins. Next week, we take Jenna to camp; then the week after we go get Jenna and drop of Lauren and Rebekah; then the next week, we go get Lauren and Rebekah; the day after that, Jenna and Lauren leave on the youth mission trip. Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it all.

In the meantime, we will enjoy the week ahead with an orthodontist appointment for Jenna, Dana going over to a friend’s to make cinnamon rolls together, me going to Charlotte for a meeting for church, the girls (along with the rest of the youth) working at member’s house in exchange for a donation to the mission trip, and hopefully another softball game on Friday night. I also hope to finish the 6th Harry Potter book with Jenna and Lauren and the Hobbit with Rebekah before the week is up. We are close on both accounts.

We had an enjoyable morning at church; there were several visitors which filled up the empty seats from some regulars who were gone. I started a series on the Psalms this morning that will last through the end of August.

Last week we ordered homeschool books for the fall. Not sure where they will go on the full shelves, but they are on their way!

Got a call last night from a friend from seminary who will be in the Smoky Mountains next week hiking and camping. Not sure if it will work out to see him, but I think we will try. I haven’t been hiking in several weeks, and I need to get back out soon.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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