Trips, Cars, and Weekend Miscelaneous

I never made it to Charlotte on Thursday. The minivan’s transmission decided to act up again. Seeing how it was also going to Mississippi on Monday to take Jenna to camp, we decided it was time to get it fixed for good. The problem? The repair place couldn’t get to it until Monday.

Option 1: drive the blue car (without A/C) to Mississippi and back (about 14 hours). Option 2: rent a car. We went with option 2. We decided we didn’t want Jenna to have lost too much fluids before arriving at camp. I am actually going to take her. Seeing how it may not work out for me to go pick her up or pick Lauren and Rebekah up, and seeing how I have never seen where they go to camp, I thought I ought to go this time. So Jenna and I will be heading out bright and early Monday morning. I’ll drop her off, turn around, and come back.

The girls have spent the last couple of days doing some fund raisers for their mission trips. On Friday, Lauren spent the morning helping clean and haul brush, weed, and build a dam on a creek at a member’s house (Jenna got to miss that one as she was at the orthodontist). This morning, they had a car wash in town.

All in all they made another $750. They have one more fundraiser on Monday. McDonald’s does an all you can eat pancake dinner. The kids sell tickets. McDonald’s gets $1, we get $2. Not sure how many tickets have been sold.

I went to the garden about 2:00 this afternoon. After hoeing weeds for about an hour, I picked green beans, peppers, and tomatoes. I probably spent a little over an hour there. On the way back home, I realized it was the middle of the day, and I hadn’t passed out from heat stroke. I got home, and it was 79° on the porch. I am thinking it was a little warmer down at the garden, but it really has been a beautiful, cool day. Last week, I dug the rest of the red potatoes. There are still some Yukon Gold in the ground. Still no big tomatoes ready—maybe soon.

We did not have a softball game last night. For some reason, they scheduled us off last night and a double header next weekend. Since we were off, it was our turn to ump the games. Me and another guy did both games. It’s not near as fun as playing, but all went well. I don’t think I made too many mistakes.

Quiet evening ahead with fresh green beans and potatoes from the garden for dinner, some reading to the girls, and then church tomorrow. Lauren is going early as the youth band is practicing. Then packing for Jenna for camp.

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1 Response to Trips, Cars, and Weekend Miscelaneous

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    Poor you–in the 80s!! It is still 100+ here every day. I’m wilting and so is my garden!! 🙂

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