Mississippi and Back

Jenna and I left at 7:00 A.M. yesterday; I got back at 9:30 last night. I enjoyed getting to see the place the girls have loved going for the last three years. I also got to see all of the Baileys who brought the twins to camp as well. Barely two hours into the trip, we had entered our fourth state of the morning: NC, TN, GA, AL before getting into Mississippi sometime after lunch. Overall, other than the length, it was a nice drive, there and back. Traffic never was much of an issue anywhere along the way. The interstate only goes through the very southern edge of Tuscaloosa, and other than a swath of trees that were down, we didn’t see any tornado damage from the spring.

At Lake Forest Ranch in Mississippi

Cousins—Together for a Whole Week

Turns out, renting the car was almost cheaper than taking the van. With the small compact getting twice the mpg as the minivan, it would be well worth it to rent it again if we could do a one day rental instead of a two-day rental. That might be possible next time as Dana and the girls leave on a Saturday (to get Jenna) and come back on a Sunday (after dropping off Lauren and Rebekah). Since the rental place is closed on Sundays, I think as long as it was back before they opened on Monday morning, it would count as a one-day rental. We’ll check into that. Plus it would save wear and tear on the van which already has 140k miles on it.

Double header softball game this Friday. We are actually going to try to practice Wednesday night after Bible study.

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