Soccer, Camp, Florida, and Latin

We head back south and west tomorrow to get Lauren and Rebekah. We will spend the night in Tuscaloosa so that we can be at camp bright and early to pick them up: camp is over after breakfast. Then the long trip back, get all the laundry done, get them to bed, so they can load up on the bus for Florida Friday morning. Whew.

Jenna got some good news today. They have shifted the age limit for soccer. What used to be under 14 has now been moved up to under 15. That means there are several kids in the church who will get to play, not just Jenna. She is thrilled about that. Thankfully, we will still have just two games each weekend instead of three like last year. Lauren will be old enough to be on Jenna’s team.

Jenna was thinking about signing up to ref some of the little kids games to earn some money. This might put that in jeopardy, but my guess is that she will be ok with that.

Jenna has a friend over tonight; I think she has sufficiently recovered from her lack of sleep at camp. I guess this and our trip tomorrow will hinder that. Before we head out tomorrow afternoon, Jenna has another art lesson. They have been interrupted this summer with all the traveling. She obviously will miss next week as well.

For the last couple of weeks I have been getting ready for the classes I will be tutoring this coming school year through the home school group. I have been doing quite a bit of reading. Today I started on Latin. I was pleasantly surprised about how much was familiar (at least in the first few lessons). I owe that to my wonderful high school Latin teacher Teela Hurt.

We are looking forward to having all the kids back under the same roof, even if it is only for one night.

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