There and Back Again and Off Again Tomorrow

We arrived home from the quick trip through five states about 6:30, ate dinner, and started packing the girls again. We drop Jenna and Lauren off at 7:30 in the morning for their two day trip to the Keys. They are spending tomorrow night in St. Petersburg. Hope we got everything unpacked and repacked! The washer and dryer are still running, but at least the girls are in bed.

Lauren and Rebekah had a great time at camp and talked non-stop almost the whole way home. Lauren will turn 12 somewhere in Florida on Saturday. We had a small celebration tonight and will celebrate again when she gets back.

With about 30 people from church gone to Florida for the mission trip and another three or four families out of town for various reasons, we will most likely have the smallest crowd for church since we’ve been here. We might just have to circle up some chairs!

Uh-oh, sounds like the washer has stopped. Time to go transfer some clothes.

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