Girls Update, Garden Work

I dug the last of the potatoes this afternoon, as well as picked another cucumber, some tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. The garden is looking rather sparse these days. Three rows of potatoes dug and the sugar snap peas all gone make for a lonely half of the garden.

I saw the most bizarre thing at the garden today. As I was picking tomatoes, I looked over to the next row and saw a swarm of big red ants. I began looking around for the hole, but couldn’t find it. Then I realized that the swarm wasn’t where I first thought it was. I kept watching. The individual ants were moving in all sorts of directions, like ants do when their nest is disturbed, but the whole body of ants was actually moving down the row. In about two minutes the whole lot, well over 100, had moved out of the garden and into the weeds. It was like they were on a conveyor belt, all going every which way but at the same time being moved along. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought someone was pulling a dirt colored rug down the row.

Thankfully, I wasn’t trying to pick and weed in Texas. When I got home, it was 80° outside. I looked on the weather on the computer and saw that it was still 107° in Clarksville. Yuck. But the humidity was under 20%. Does that count for anything? It was close to 60% here this afternoon and 90°. But by the time the sun goes down it is really nice out.

We talked to the girls last night. They had just gotten back from snorkeling on the reef. Jenna said it was “the most awesome thing ever.” They saw sting rays and several lots of colorful fish. One of our youth leaders also happens to be an eye doctor. He offered to bring some contacts for Jenna’s prescription and put them in for her so she could actually see when she was snorkeling. We are blessed to have such good friends.

Jenna and Lauren have 10 kindergarteners in their class. They said their first day went surprisingly well. This evening they were driving all the way down to Key West to eat.

Rebekah has a friend over tonight. There is an American Girl party going on currently.

Oh, Rebekah also lost a tooth.

And got some new sunglasses that fit over her other glasses.

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