School and Soccer

Jenna and I started school yesterday. It was a long day for both of us as afterward she had her first soccer practice and I had an elders’ meeting. The day went well for both of us, though. It was helpful that the weather was so nice—53° yesterday morning—for us because we didn’t know where the air control was for the church that morning and so we just opened the windows and for her as soccer practice wasn’t nearly as warm as it could have been.

First Day of Freshman Year

My Class: Small but Fun

At least for the time being, all the girls are practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays which makes for a very busy week.

Dana is getting together with a friend again this week to cook. They are going to make tamales again: sweet potato and black bean.

I learned some more mountain lore yesterday. At the elders’ meeting last night we were talking about gardens. I asked about fall plantings as they have both lived here longer than I have. I was told as long as it would be ready by the first of October it would be fine as that would be the first freeze. When I asked why the first, since it didn’t freeze last year until the end of October or the first of November. They said that according to the folks around here, the first freeze is always 90 days after you start hearing the katydids in the summer, and as that was July 1, it will freeze around the first of October. I guess time will tell.

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