Charlotte Trip

I left for Charlotte at 5:25 this morning. I had my licensing exam with the denomination. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Including another guy from our church who went with me, there were eight guys around the table asking me questions for an hour and a half about a 20 pages paper I wrote detailing my thoughts on the denominations doctrinal statement. I was actually surprised at how quickly it seemed to go. I would never have guessed that we talked for an hour and a half.

I got back a little after 5:30, just in time for soccer practice. That was over at 8:00. Then finally home about 8:30. Despite the long day, it has been a good day. I had a great eight hours in the car talking with the friend from church (our volunteer youth leader); I really enjoyed soccer practice, getting to know some of the new kids better; and now the house is quiet with all the kids in bed, and I’m not far behind.

Sunday we are having our church service at a Christian camp in Andrews down by their creek. Afterward we are having a baptism and picnic. Five people are being baptized including Jenna and Lauren. I hear the water is really, really cold.

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1 Response to Charlotte Trip

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    I believe you get the prize for the “busiest person”. Whew!

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