Here are some pictures from this morning’s baptism. No, I didn’t get a picture of the snake that decided to join me in the creek right before we started. And the good two or three dozen trout in the creek didn’t cause too much trouble either.

The Creek

It was a beautiful day to have church outside. It was 59° this morning, and I doubt it got too much warmer than the lower 80s this afternoon. Unlike in our building, the youth occupied one side of the patio and the adults the other, with some choosing to sit out in the sun.

Sunday Service: Youth Side

Sunday Service: Adult Side

After church it was time for the baptism. Six people were baptized (after the snake disappeared). The water wasn’t as deep as we would have liked, but we managed ok.


Afterward everyone stayed for a picnic. Then most of the boys went off to play paint ball on a course at the camp. A lot of the kids went back and forth between playing in the creek and the foam pit.

Fun in the Foam Pit

All in all, it was a wonderful day.




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