Deep Creek III

We made our third visit to Deep Creek, this time with the youth group from church. Below are pictures of the same waterfall, one taken in March when the family went hiking; the other taken in June when Dana’s sister and family were here and we went tubing.



We had not camera this time—a good thing as you will soon learn. On our walk up to the place to put in, the waterfall looked very similar to these pictures if not slightly drier. The creek also was a little lower, and as we were walking up, I was thinking that this could be a slow, bumpy ride.

Thankfully, there was a little more water higher up, and we had a nice time coming down through some small rapids and little waterfalls—even though at this time it had started raining. By the time we were at a bend in the creek and decided to get out and go back to the top, it was coming down in buckets, but as we were already wet…

It is rather amazing how quickly a creek can rise! The water was moving much faster and was already a little higher. This fact caused problems for a few of us. I was behind Rebekah making sure she was okay. She went over a small waterfall and flipped out of her tube—not the first to have done so. I didn’t see her for a moment; I bailed out, jumped over the waterfall (not sure how I didn’t kill myself doing that), and turned her tube over. She was standing there smiling—she was wearing a life jacket.

Dana came over the falls a little after us, flipped as well, but she lost her glasses. Good thing she wasn’t driving us home! Thankfully she has an old pair, and we do know a some good eye doctors who have already offered her some contacts until we an order another pair.

We tubed all the way down this time, and when we passed the waterfall again, the change was rather remarkable. Imagine the pictures above except for a solid sheet of water and no rocks visible. Other than a few bumps and bruises—and really cold water—a great time was had by all.

The rain that began yesterday continued off and on through the night and looks like it will do so the rest of today and tomorrow from the forecast. So a good day to stay in and get some school work done. Tomorrow is the first day of Classical Conversations for the two younger girls. Jenna and I will have our second class, so we’ll all pile in the van in the morning and head to town.

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