Pipeline Needed

We wish we had a pipeline for all our Texas friends and relatives. We’ve gotten almost six inches of rain since Sunday afternoon. It rained pretty much non-stop all day yesterday and then off and on again in the night. The forecast shows more rain for today, but currently the pine trees are swaying back and forth against a blue sky.

We all head to town today for school. The girls are excited and were all awake before time to get up. I think we are all secretly hoping that it will rain this evening or be too wet for soccer practice.

When I went out to check the rain gauge this morning, the spider who is responsible for that egg sack was busy rebuilding her web. And the turtle that was on the porch all day yesterday was still there this morning. I guess he was staying out of the rain.

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3 Responses to Pipeline Needed

  1. very nice post to read hope the girls enjoyed school:)

  2. Sheri Schwed says:

    I sure wish we had some of your rain!! Do you know what kind of spider she is? I wonder how many babies are in it?

    • mdjlrnc says:

      I think they go by various names. Garden orb spider I have heard. The scientific name is: Argiope aurantia. I think I read somewhere that there could be 1000 eggs in that sack. They will actually hatch this fall, but not come out of the sack until spring.

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