Week in Review

We enjoyed another weekend of soccer. Rebekah’s team won again. There were varying opinions about the score, but it was at least 10-1. Rebekah scored another goal. The older girls had a bye this week, but they had a controlled scrimmage that afternoon.

I have no pictures of the game. I was at a parent conference put on by an organization that our church supports all morning. Dana went to Rebekah’s game and then showed up after it was over.

Earlier in the week, I went to Knoxville for a regional pastors meeting. I always enjoy the drive: a windy road over and around the hills between here and there.

This afternoon, we finished a puzzle we have been working on all week.


A lady in our church got a picture of a bear up in a tree down by their mailboxes. We are still waiting to see our first one. I’m not really interested in seeing one up close, but I would like to see one.

Next weekend after church, the youth are going rafting down one of the rivers. I am thinking it will be very cold.

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