September Weather, Soccer, and Chickens

We just might get a frost this weekend. That would be a whole month ahead of last year. We have now been here long enough to compare this year with last year. So, how did 9/11 compare with 9/10? It was considerably cooler:

Last September’s average highs and lows and rain fall: 82, 59, 7.3 inches of rain. This September’s: 73, 57, 6.9 inches of rain. The low for the month was 49° and the high was 90°. It rained 12 different days.

Tomorrow we will start out heading east to Clay County, NC for Rebekah’s game at 9:00. It is supposed to be in the 40s in the morning. Then after lunch, we head to Georgia for Jenna’s and Lauren’s game in Blue Ridge. It is supposed to be in the 60s by the afternoon. After tomorrow soccer season will be half way over.

We are going to be pet sitting. Okay, not really pet sitting. We are watching some friend’s chickens who will be out of the country for three weeks. He’s bringing them over tomorrow afternoon. They will stay in their coops the whole time. And supposedly we will get about 3 eggs a day for those three weeks. I don’t think we have to do much. Should be fun—and good.

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1 Response to September Weather, Soccer, and Chickens

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    Lucky you! Chickens! I’ve been wanting some, but am afraid my cats would get them. And don’t think I need another animal to take care of. It’s cooled off a little here at last, but still not much rain.

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