Soccer Saturday #2

We are back from Blue Ridge, GA. That was by far the best team we have played all year. We lost 6-2, but considering it was 6-1 at half time, I suppose we improved. They actually started the game with 8 players (you play 11). A ninth showed up about 5 minutes into the game. A tenth showed up at half time. So they played short-handed the entire game with no subs, and still outplayed us. They were actually fun to watch. Crisp passes, lots of communication on the field. Hopefully, we were paying attention and learned something!

But what really made the game nice was the fact that we had real refs for the first time all year, instead of the college or high school kids they have hired.

These refs actually called fouls, explained things to the kids, and used their whistles. In most of our past games, the refs have been very inconsistent and seem afraid to blow their whistle or talk above a whisper. There have even been several times when they weren’t even sure of the rules. So even though we lost, there were some things that were a vast improvement.

I do think the kids actually learned some things today and had fun even though they got beat. It was still cold with the wind blowing. I’m not sure it ever got out of the 50s today. It was 54° when we got home at 4:00.

Jenna Dribbling Down Field

Oh, and the chickens arrived right before we left for the soccer game.

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2 Responses to Soccer Saturday #2

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    How many chickens are in each coop? Interesting coops–I have read about those on wheels and people just move them around to fertilize. Pretty smelly I would think, though. Let me know how it goes.

    • mdjlrnc says:

      Three in one (which are laying), two in the other (which are not, still too young). I think the wheels are pretty neat. I guess I can’t imagine five chickens being that smelly, but we’ll see! Hope not. The guy who owns the chickens build the coops himself. He’s a pretty talented guy with tools.

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