Soccer Saturday

Much warmer day today for soccer, even though the start was cool (low 40s when we left the house). Rebekah’s team had another come from behind win. After being down 2-0 early, they came back to win 6-4 and remain undefeated.

Rebekah playing a little defense:

Even Dana got in on some action before the game:

Jenna’s and Lauren’s team had a rough afternoon, losing 7-1. What is weird is they played so much better than the last time they played this team, when they lost 5-2. Not sure how that happened, but they are getting better.

Lauren with a steal on defense:

And Jenna beating the other team to the ball and dribbling by:

And some fall color just because, even though we are probably a couple of weeks or so away from the peak.

And finally, the chickens are still doing well, especially with the good help we have on the farm:

But someone is holding out on us. The three hens are not giving their daily allowance every day:

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