Soccer and Snow

Did that headline catch your attention? While we haven’t had any snow here, there is snow up on the mountains east of here toward Franklin. It’s been steady 38° all day here today, after raining most of the day yesterday with falling temperatures.

Soccer season is about to come to a close with a bang. We don’t have games this weekend (a nice break), but next week, Jenna and Lauren have a game on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and then on Saturday. Rebekah’s last game is also on Saturday. It has been a fun year, but we will be glad when it is over, enjoying some more nights at home.

Tomorrow Dana and I are going to Chattanooga to celebrate my birthday late: going to a used bookstore, out to eat, and to a concert—oh and also Target (we are going to be in the big city!).

Lauren and I have a cold; neither of us slept much last night. Hopefully the rest of the gang will stay well, and we will recover before tomorrow.

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