Dana and I enjoyed a wonderful day and evening yesterday in Chattanooga. Some good friends are keeping the girls this weekend. We’ll see them again Sunday morning. Jenna and Lauren are getting to make some money as they are babysitting (last night and tonight) at a marriage conference that is happening at the Christian camp at Andrews where we had our baptism last month. Dana and the girls saw some snow up on the mountains yesterday when she dropped them off.

The drive to Chattanooga was beautiful with all the colors—but no snow that direction. Dana and I spent some time at a used book store and Target. We had dinner at Macaroni Grill and then went to a Sara Groves concert. We were thinking that it has been about ten years since our last concert in Waco. We were on the second row and enjoyed everyone (Jenny & Tyler and Audrey Assad opened). We got back about midnight. And the best part: the cat let us sleep in this morning instead of meowing at 5:30.

We had our first freeze last night; the chickens don’t seem any worse for wear. They even laid their full complement of eggs while we were gone to Chattanooga. I think they go back home early next week. We are thankful there was no soccer game early this morning because 1) it’s still in the 30s at 11:00, and 2) we didn’t really want to get up early this morning. But it will be a busy week with games Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

In two weeks Dana and I are going to Charleston for a long weekend: pastor/wives conference and then some sightseeing. We will get to see some friends from Dallas who will be at the conference as well as they will be planting a church in Charleston soon. We won’t have tons of time to look around, so we are trying to figure out what our priorities are. For anyone who has been, suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    Lucky you, going to Charleston. I always meant to go there when we lived in Atlanta, but never made it. I hear it is just lovely. Have fun!

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