Soccer Tuesday, Cameras, and Cars

Jenna and Lauren had a make-up game tonight. They won 6-4. It was a back and forth game. We were down 0-1, then up 3-1, then down 3-4, then finally won 6-4. Whew. We play again Thursday, and then Saturday. I have no pictures. Either my battery was dead or the camera is broken. We are hoping for the former. It is charging right now.

On the way home, the battery light in the car blinked three times. Then it stopped. Short? Not sure. But on the way home I also noticed that the RPMs were running about 500 less than usual at highway speeds. My lack of car knowledge means I have no idea if those two things are related or not, but the van didn’t seem to have any less power up and down the hills around here and we made it home just fine.

We are having company this weekend. James will be making what might be his last trip up from Atlanta before he heads back to Africa some time next year. We are planning on doing some hiking on Monday if the weather is nice.

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2 Responses to Soccer Tuesday, Cameras, and Cars

  1. Sheri Schwed says:

    I can empathize with you–this year I’ve had problems with tires, mower engines and golf cart chargers. And I can’t even ride the horses!!

  2. mdjlrnc says:

    Thankfully, the camera was just the battery. I must have left it on in the bag.

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