The Thrill of Victory…

Rebekah’s team ended the season undefeated with a 6-0 shutout Saturday morning in what was by far the coldest game of the year. You could hardly tell which kid was on which team as most of them were wearing coats with the temps in the 30s and a north wind blowing 20 mph.

By the afternoon, it had warmed up a little, but the wind was still blowing, and it was still cold. Jenna and Lauren were up against the best team in the league, and it got ugly quickly, but our kids played hard the whole game and kept their heads up. They improved greatly over the course of the season, and it has been fun to watch them. We are thankful we didn’t have to play the same team over and over again like last year, even though it meant playing some teams who are not just rec league teams like we are. Some we were able to hang with throughout the game. The team we played Saturday is clearly in another league!

James arrived to watch the big girls’ game. Tomorrow we are planning on an 8 mile hike on the AT. Thanks to James, I got to hear my first Longhorn game of the year on his Sirius satellite radio which we hooked up in the house. Good game to hear!

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