Charleston Part I

We have been here a little over 24 hours now. And this afternoon we had some free time to walk around historic Charleston, going to the Battery, French Quarter, and Market Street. The huge old houses, some built in the 1700s, lined all the streets, many of them squeezed tightly together.

Tomorrow we hope to get out to Ft. Sumter.

For lunch we ate at the Crab House.

I had shrimp and sausage on grits (low country cooking, they call it). Dana, fried shrimp and flounder.

This evening, on the advice of a friend, we drove out to Sullivan’s Island, which is where Ft. Moultrie is located and where Edgar Allen Poe was stationed in his short stint in the army. He would use Sullivan’s Island as the background of his short story “The Gold Bug.” We ate at a sea food place called Sullivan’s.

This time Dana had shrimp on friend grits, and I had pasta and seafood dish. Another good meal.

Tomorrow the conference finishes before lunch, so we hope to do some more exploring. Hopefully the weather will be a little more conducive. Today was cold and windy and looked like it could rain at any moment. We’re not sure we want to take a ferry to Ft. Sumter if we are going to freeze in the process!

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